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debit entry by digistore24 after free trial

You will find further instructions via email or scroll down.

After the 7 Days of the Free Trial the setup fee and the first payment
will be debited by digistore24 automatically. You'll get your receipe via email.

You can quit before the free trial expires.

Let's start to boost your account!

Please send us an email with your data to:




Data we need for setup to boost your account:

• Instagram Username (@yourname)

• Password
(Please make sure you changed your password for this service,
which you don’t use on other logins. Choose a safe password.
If you quit our service, please don’t forget to reset your password. This is for your safety!)

• Target Group Accounts (Influencers)

• Hashtags (ex. #gramslayers #fitline #motivator etc.)

Lightroom Presets* (choose, depending on which bundle you purchased, what Presets you would like to have
Just write us the names of the presets or the preset-pack. Here you can find our Presets:

Everything else like whitelist, blacklist and comments
we will manage in our communication via email or whatsapp.

The set up can last from 24 hours up to 48 hours
because of the big rush of new ultigramers and we need to check
if your account fits our guidelines.


Research your target group accounts wisely,
once we’ve set up your account, every additional change
will be charged with a fee of 20€
(changes in Pro & Ultimate are free
– /Pro once in a month /Ultimate once in two weeks)

The set up for the free trial is the first account set up
and is charged once with each bundles set up fee when you continue using our service.
A changing after the free trial will be charged with 20€.

What you need to know:
We assume no liabilty if you misuse your account
or overstep the daily amount of engagement.
Our service fits the engagement amount of instagram
and is always on safe mode and we do everything
not to threaten your account.

Guidelines (what’s not allowed and we won’t support)

Violence, torture, unhumanity, nude, porn,
poor quality content, spam, rudeness, offensive content, animal torture,
drugs, weapons and any other illegal content.

If you match with one of these points you can not use our service!

And now, let's take off!